The revolutionary 1-button checkout solution

Online shopping made easier than ever – all shops, one central shopping basket. Are you ready to take the next step?

One button – one click – one revolution.

With CloudBasket you can collect items from any desired online shops in one central shopping basket and check out at the end with a single click – without having to deal with the respective checkout processes of the individual shops.

1. Install

Install our browser add-on or mobile app with just a few clicks.

2. Shop

Surf as usual in your favourite shops. When you want to buy an item, simply click the CloudBasket button on the product detail page.

3. Done

In your personal shopping basket, you can add as many items as desired from any shops desired. Checkout works with one click – the data saved once by you are sent in the background to the respective shops.

Advantages for you

All shops – one shopping basket

Super-convenient shopping in any shops desired. Browse as usual, buy with just a single click.

Optimal security

Nobody has to trust the Cloud with personal details. Everything is stored locally and encrypted.

Mobile & desktop

CloudBasket is available on any device: smartphone, tablet and desktop, iOS & Android, Windows & Mac OS.

Save time & money

At last, you can buy worldwide at the best price – not just in one marketplace. Thanks to CloudBasket, this is just as convenient.

Are you ready for the revolution?

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